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We are a distributor of electronic equipment especially smart TVs also Andorid TVs, which has been established since 2010. Our customer service team will help find the right solution for all your device needs. And get a warranty for a maximum of 2 years for every purchase of any item in our store.

smart tv
smart TV

Smart TV products are suitable for people who like to watch live streaming. Because, it can be connected directly to the internet without using additional cables. The advantages of Smart TV, including :

1. Can be connected to a smartphone
2. Have a more interesting program
3. Can connect to the internet
4. Displays clear visuals
5. Equipped with a 4K screen

With the benefits that can be obtained, there’s nothing wrong with you starting to switch to a smart TV. Please contact our customer service and get attractive promotions for every purchase at our store.

UHD Smart TV 4K With Promo Price


All of our products can be purchased online and provide a 7 working day delivery service. We have 18 branch offices in many major cities and also provide 14 repair and information center offices to provide after-sales service for customers.

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